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Staying Relevant

In the Visual Resources world, staying relevant is always a major concern. Here are some survival tips for academic libraries:
Art librarians should be great at #2!

Another reason art librarians are just as relevant as ever, if not more:

“According to several reports published by the Primary Research Group, Inc., only about 47 percent of students are sure that they have ever been required to turn in a research paper exceeding ten double-spaced typed pages in length for any of their classes. More than 86 percent of students say that they understand the concept of plagiarism. The higher the grade point average, the less information for research papers was obtained from search engines, such as Google or Yahoo. Close to 19 percent of students in the fine or performing arts have ever asked reference questions via e-mail, the highest percentage among all types of majors or concentrations.”

Press Release from Primary Research Group, Inc., June, 2009, primaryresearch.com/release-200906251.html Retrieved August 6, 2009. Quoted in Gary Portillo’s “Fast Facts,” C&RL News Vol. 70, No. 8. September 2009. (emphasis mine).

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