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ArLiSNAP occasionally hosts chats/discussions in the form of posts about a range of topics (emerging technologies, social networking sites, teaching, mentoring, transition from student to professional, changing role of art librarians, professional development, recent news in art and architecture, new developments in the publishing industry, etc.).

We hope you find these posts interesting and thought provoking, and that you feel compelled to participate in a discussion via the comments.  If there are any topics you’d like us to address, please contact us via email.

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4 Comments on “Discussion”

  1. Claire D says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for doing such a great job of collecting job postings. You are managing to gather more than ARLIS and VRA job lists combined! THX!


  2. Thanks, Claire! We are really trying to keep a steady stream of available job information out there for you all. Hopefully it’s helpful. :)


  3. Juan de la Rosa says:

    I just finished my MA in Art History, and I’m planning on applying to 3-4 graduate LIS programs with a concentration in Art/Digital Librarianship, but I’m having trouble finding more than two (ex. Indiana and/or Wayne State)

    Does anyone have other suggestions?


  4. Katie says:

    Hi everyone, this is a bit of a plea to anyone who works in an art library or knows someone who does. The focus of my dissertation is the art library as place and I’d be massively grateful to anyone who could spare ten minutes to fill in a quick questionnaire about this topic – full details of the project are available at the link.

    Many thanks x


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